Shield Technology Restore Blade and Bit Cleaner 500ml

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Shield Technology Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner is an extremely fast-acting cleaning fluid designed specifically to remove pitch and resin build-up from woodworking cutting tools such as circular saws, spindle moulder tooling, planer blades, router and drill bits.

Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner has been formulated to work fast very fast, making it suitable for the busy carpentry shop, professional saw doctor and the amateur.

Spray onto circular saw blades, leave for five minutes and wipe off the residue. For smaller tooling a small quantity may be decanted into a suitable plastic container and tools immersed for approximately five minutes before removing and wiping clean.

Like many of the products developed by Shield Technology, Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner is biodegradable. Any spills or left-over solution may be washed safely down the drain.