Shinwa 3D Clear Mitre Square 45° 90° for 2x4 Timber

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Designed specifically for working with dimensional construction lumber, the Shinwa three dimensional clear mitre square has pencil holes for dividing into halves for lap joints, thirds for M&T's bridles etc, quarters for finger joints as well as edges for 90° and 45° cuts.

For absolute measurements the square end has metric graduations starting from the inside corner and there is a 150mm scale on the long edge and there is a cut-out window so you can mark perpendiculars close to the other end while still working from your face side / edge.

Made from clear polycarbonate so you can see your marks through the square and have a better chance of avoiding knots or defects in your joinery.

The main body of the tool from the square edge to the cut-out is 3½" wide, so you can easily see an even overhang either side regardless of whether you are working with sawn timber, PAR, CLS etc.

An astonishing amount of functionality squeezed into such a simple tool.