Shinwa AcuAngle Plumb Level A-600

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The Shinwa AcuAngle A-600 is an extremely sensitive and accurate plumb level.

It works on the same gravitational principle as a medieval plumb level, but uses the construction methods of a mechanical navigational compass, with a bearing mounted spindle, oil filled chamber and rotating bezel with a vernier scale allowing very accurate measurement to 5 arcminutes of a degree.

The base is magnetic so it can be used in conjunction with a good quality straightedge to give accurate levelling and angle measurement with a wide reference surface.

Taking an angle:

Check that 0 on the rotating bezel is aligned with 0 on the vernier scale.

Set the level on the surface to be measured.

Sight up the two inverted Ys on the yellow triangle, moving your head until they become one.

Adjust the rotating bezel to the nearest full degree mark.

Read off the adjustment on the vernier and add or subtract the arcminutes as appropriate.

Giving an angle:

Set the desired angle using the rotating bezel and vernier scale.

Set the level on the surface to be measured.

Sight through the level, moving your head to align the two on the yellow triangle.

Shim or adjust the surface until the inverted Y on the chamber aligns perfectly with those on the yellow triangle.

There is a bubble held in the back of the chamber to regulate the internal pressure (air compresses, oil does not) but the shape of the chamber means it is not visible from the front of the level in normal use.

  • Cast iron body
  • Magnetic base
  • Brass weight (unaffected by magnetism)
  • Supplied in a double walled fitted case