Shinwa Revo Triple Level with Magnet 120mm

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A handy little toolbox level from Shinwa giving plumb, horizontal and 45 degrees. As with all Shinwa products there are little nuggets of thoughtful design built in that you may not appreciate until you need them.

The base is grooved so it will register on pipes, and inset with neodymium magnets so it will stick to ferrous metal.

The vials are filled with with clear blue liquid with thick white lines, they are each backed with a little luminous sheet so you still have a reasonable chance of reading the instrument in low light conditions.

  • 120×53.5×16mm
  • Vial sensitivity 0.5 mm/m = 0.0286°
  • Instrument precision ±2.5 mm/m = less than ±0.1432°