Shinwa Fit Gear Kiwadachi Tape Measure 7m/25mm with Magnetic Holder

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The 7 Metre Shinwa Fit Gear Kiwadachi with magnetic tip comes with the Shinwa MAG-LOCK belt holder for secure, easy access, but doesn't include the safety lanyard for working at height.

A neodymium magnet in the holder attracts the tape in place, which is then held with the side clasps. To release its a simple press of the button.

The holder can be attached without removing your belt and can be firmly fixed with screw. There's also a spacer which ensure correct fitting regardless of the thickness of the belt.

It can be attached either vertically or horizontally and has a loop at the base which can be used to secure a safety cord.

  • JIS Grade 1 
  • Tape Width: 25mm
  • Tape Length: 7m
  • Easy-to-grip, three-dimensional shape fits in palm of hand
  • Tape with greater stand-out (21% increase from conventional products) are used
  • Convenient large hook hanger with strap
  • Shock absorber attached to reduce impact when retracting tape
  • Double-sided metric graduations - vertical on the reverse
  • Strong neodymium magnets on zero point auto correct end hook 
  • Body: ABS resin
  • Cover: Elastomer resin
  • Tape: Carbon tool steel with nylon coating
  • Dimensions: 95mm x 82mm x 75mm