Shinwa Fit Gear Kiwadachi Tape Measure 7m/25mm

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With standard spring steel belt clip and standard tip with screw/nail slot, the basic 7 metre Fit Gear Kiwadachi is an absolutely superb tape measure. 

The tough ABS resin case has horns that enclose and protect the tab at the end of the tape (usually the first thing to get bent). Metric only with nice big legible numbers front and back.

As part of Shinwa's continuous ongoing product development, the manufacturing process for the nylon coated carbon steel blade has recently been altered to give about 20% better stand out at around 2.5 metres.


  • JIS Grade 1 accuraccy
  • Tape Width: 25mm
  • Tape Length: 7m
  • Easy-to-grip, three-dimensional shape fits in palm of hand
  • Tape with greater stand-out (21% increase from previous version)
  • Comes with standard belt hook and tip
  • Compatible with hanger with cord (available separately)
  • Shock absorber attached to reduce impact when retracting tape
  • Zero point auto-correct hook
  • Double-sided metric graduations - vertical on the reverse
  • Body: ABS resin
  • Cover: Elastomer resin
  • Tape: Carbon tool steel with nylon coating
  • Dimensions: 85m × 82mm × 50mm