Shinwa Taper Gauge ABS Resin 1-15mm

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For measuring hole and gap diameters, the ABS resin construction prevents scratches to the surface of the object being measured.

Includes 4 notched intervals to snap off, should you need to measure the width of shallow gaps.

  • Durable laser engraved graduations at 1/10mm intervals
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.2mm

Dimensions: 150 x 18.3 x 5mm

What's the point in marking it in tenths if it's only accurate to two tenths..?

ABS is precise (as in consistent) but not as accurate (as in conformist) as stainless steel. So this gauge is extremely good for taking and comparing contact measurements but not absolute numeric measurements. So for comparative measurement - this end of the gap is wider than that end by a tenth of a mm - perfect. If however you needed to get a number to give to someone in another workshop to make something to go into a hole and have a good fit, you would need to use a micrometer to accurately gauge the width of the ABS at the measured point rather than simply reading the scale.