Shogun Precision Dozuki (Deep Blade) 250mm

Deep Blade
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The dozuki is the Japanese equivalent of a backsaw, the supporting spine and pullsaw action allow the use of a really thin sawplate, in the case of this Shogun precision dozuki, just one quarter of a mm.

With the thin blade and minimal set (less than a tenth of a mm) the saw kerf produced is exceptionally fine, so there is less material to remove, and for very little effort you get an extremely accurate, exceptionally smooth, dead straight cut.

The Shogun Precision Dozuki is ideal for dovetails, small tenons and other fine joinery. The blade is a little deeper than most, which comes in handy for occasional deeper cuts, or if you want to use a guide block to help place the start the cut. Performance is optimized for harder softwoods and mild hardwoods like walnut and mahogany. With care it can also be used on harder timbers and exotics, just take your time and let the saw do the work.

  • Blade length:250mm
  • Blade thickness (plate):0.25mm (kerf):0.38mm
  • Replaceable blade
  • 24tpi
  • Overall length 595mm
  • Maximum practical cutting depth 60mm
  • Handle: Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood