Starrett S117PC Centre Punches Set of 5


This set of 5 Starrett round shank centre punches are made of hardened and tempered steel for optimum strength and durability.

Why would you use different sizes of centre punch? In general you use a bigger punch to make a bigger dot, so if you are starting a half inch split point drill straight from the dot, or picking it up with a lathe centre you want a nice big one for good engagement. Conversely if you are marking a line to cut or file to, or starting a pilot hole, barely there is plenty. When transferring marks through a drilled template it's much more accurate and repeatable if the punch fits the hole, you can always follow up with a bigger one if necessary.

Made from scratch in the original Starrett factory in Athol, Massachusetts, these beautifully made tools are knurled for a positive grip, have precision centred ground tips for accuracy, and correct heat treatment for a long service life.

The set includes ¹⁄₁₆", ⁵⁄₆₄", ³⁄₃₂", ⅛", ⁵⁄₃₂" diameter tapered points, supplied in a plastic wallet

Made in USA