Thor Hide Mallet - Size 3 250g


Made from domestic water buffalo hide which has been tightly coiled, triple pressed and seasoned for many months, under a carefully controlled process which results in a product that is of constant quality and maximum durability.

Traditional rawhide mallets are a light delicate tools used by jewellers, sheet metal workers and die cutters on copper, brass and other soft metals. The faces benefit from being 'knocked in' to soften the surface, they can also be formed with files / rasps / abrasives if required.

Thor Hammer Co was originally an offshoot of the Birmingham Belting Company, which manufactured belts for line shaft driven factories. Hide hammers were a product that could be made from short ends of belt material - enabling the firm to make efficient use of resources with minimal waste.

  • Head Diameter: 44mm / 1¾"
  • Head Length: 81mm / 3¼"
  • Wood handle
  • Weight 250g / just under 9oz