Tsunesaburo Aogami 50mm (2") Laminated Japanese Plane Iron


Experience the legendary smoothness and edge retention of Aogami (blue paper steel) in a western metal bodied handplane.

This thin laminated replacement plane iron has been made and carefully heat treated for us by Tsunesaburo Hamono in Japan; they are a drop in fit and shouldn't require any modifications to the plane, no mouth filing, changing Y levers etc, just take the old one out and pop the new one in.

Honing angles are the same as for carbon steel irons (25 / 30) and being laminated they are a pleasure to hone freehand, keep them clear of diamond stones though as the soft iron supporting layer can damage the diamond surface.

Tsunesaburo Aogami (blue paper steel) laminated plane iron.

50mm (2") to fit No. 4 and 5 bench planes.

Thickness: 2.6mm