Tsunesaburo Hina Kanna Japanese Bench Plane 48mm


A general purpose Japanese plane, bedded at 40 degrees (+/- 1) for best performance on moderate temperate hardwoods typically used for furniture like sycamore, cherry, beech etc.

The hand forged and ground 48mm wide iron has a cutting edge width of 44mm, it is a lamination of soft wrought iron and Hitachi Aogami No. 2 blue paper steel, recommended for its excellent edge holding and suitability for the timbers we typically encounter in the UK.

Blue No.2 is also remarkably consistent, so it forms a sensible reference experience if you decide to explore more expensive powder metallurgy or heritage steels at a later date.

  • Dai sole dimensions: 210 x 65mm
  • Blade width: 48m
  • Edge width: 44mm

This is an excellent series of videos by Sumokun that explains the process of setting up a Kanna in English (watch the first video, then the third, then the second).