Koyama Kushigata Kanna Japanese Rebate Plane 21mm

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A straightforward single iron rebate plane with a conical eye to throw the shaving out sideways. Rebate planes are the workhorses of joinery and mouldings, intended to take a fairly heavy cut and remove bulk waste quickly, the cut is then finished with more finely set and tuned planes like the kiwa kanna or sotomaru.

For speed and accuracy the blind side of the plane can be run against a batten clamped to the work. Wider planes remove more material, narrower ones can get deeper into a hollow profile.

  • Body length: 180mm
  • Body width: 21mm
  • Blade width: 21mm
  • Edge width: 21mm

This is an excellent series of videos by Sumokun that explains the process of setting up a Kanna in English (watch the first video, then the third, then the second).