Koyama Ko Hina Kanna Smoothing Plane 42 x 180mm Flat

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Hina kanna is a flat soled bench plane or smoothing plane, this one has a 43mm wide laminated blade of blue paper steel backed with soft iron. This plane is fitted with a chipbreaker (a relatively recent innovation in Japanese planes) but because the blade is independently held in place by the body (dai) it can also be used without. This 180mm hina kanna is a great choice for accurately bringing small components to finished dimension.

  • Body length: 180mm
  • Body width: 55mm
  • Blade width: 42mm
  • Edge width: 36mm

This is an excellent series of videos by Sumokun that explains the process of setting up a Kanna in English (watch the first video, then the third, then the second).