Koyama Ko Hina Kanna Smoothing Plane 42 x 150mm Flat

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A small smoothing plane, little bigger than a block plane, with a 43mm wide laminated blade of blue paper steel backed with soft iron. This plane is fitted with a chipbreaker (a relatively recent innovation in Japanese planes) but it can be used without.

This shorter version is a true smoothing plane - perfect for cleaning up slight low spots within a board. If you want to practice setting up a plane for ultra-thin wispy shavings this plane would be an appropriate choice, although I would suggest starting with something easier like a rebate plane and then working up to smoothers.

  • Body length: 150mm
  • Body width: 55mm
  • Blade width: 42mm
  • Blade thickness: ≅ 5mm
  • Edge width: 36mm

This is an excellent series of videos by Sumokun that explains the process of setting up a Kanna in English (watch the first video, then the third, then the second).