Tyzack Triton Set of 13 Jennings Augers AG087

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A beautiful, complete, and fairly rare set of 13 Jennings pattern bits 1/4" to 1" by sixteenths. The Tyzack family's involvement in the Sheffield tool industry goes right back to the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1740s, what is now the Abbeydale museum was one of their factories.

Although these bits are post 1880's they are marked 'solid steel" presumably to differentiate them from steel augers forge welded to wrought iron shafts. All are in very good condition except for the 1/2" which is present but has clearly been used a lot more than the other sizes.

To preserve the completeness of the set it has been retained and an equivalent almost unused 1/2" bit by CT Skelton of Sheffield added to be used in its place. Skelton and Tyzack eventually merged - hence the connection.

Supplied with one of our auger bit tool rolls and double-ended auger file.

These auger bits are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.