Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Rasp Set 250mm

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After drilling or sawing away as much waste as possible, this graduated set of large aggressive handmade rasps are used to take larger workpieces as efficiently as possible to 'near net shape'.

The rectangular section hand rasp is the coarsest of the three and will scoff its way through waste and provide level even surfaces to work from.

The cabinet rasp is used to originate concave surfaces and place the chamfers that will define the lateral curvatures as you progress from two dimensions to three.

The halfround rasp is narrower than the cabinet with a steeper arch so it can get into tighter curves, a little finer and more controlled, it refines the finish as you establish a consistent small margin around your layout lines.

Once the overall shape is established, the really rewarding bit begins as you blend facets and home in on the final curved surfaces with smaller finer rasps.

Each Workshop Heaven hand stitched rasp begins life as a forged and annealed blank of high carbon tool steel is carefully ground and 'fined' to a smooth surface before being strapped to a soft anvil to have their teeth individually raised or 'stitched' one by one with a special punch and a curved file makers hammer.

The handles are turned from English walnut with brass ferrules to a 200 year old Holtzapffel pattern, individually fitted and set by hand for a comfortable, elegant and secure grip.

Set Includes:

  • Hand Rasp 250mm No.2 (20tcm)
  • Half Round Rasp 250mm No.4 40tcm)
  • Cabinet Rasp 250mm No.3 (30tcm)

Rasp Care
In order to keep your rasps clean and free from corrosion we recommend removing any clogging from the surface with a stiff bristled brush and applying a few drops of metalguard ultra liquid corrosion inhibitor after each use. Store your rasps in such a way that they cannot touch or rub against each other.