Z-Saw Replacement Blade for Folding Universal Kataba 265mm

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Replacement blade for the versatile Z-Saw 265mm folding kataba.

The teeth are universal (rip cross and slant cuts) and will handle softwood, temperate hardwood, and sheet goods with equal ease and efficiency. At 14tpi and with a reasonably long stroke the Z-Saw is pitched to give a good surface finish, if you take your time and use the full length of the toothline it is a surprisingly efficient saw.

The blade is attached with the Z-Saws hook fit system, to remove it wrap the blade in a rag and holding the saw upside down by the blade, tap the handle on a firm surface. To install the blade the process is the same but with the saw the right way up.

  • Pitch: 14tpi/1.75mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.6mm
  • Toothing: Universal
  • Blade length: 265mm