Z-Saw Replacement Blade for Z-Saw Cross Convex H265 Kataba

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Replacement blade for Z-Saw Cross Convex H265 Kataba, a carpenters and joiners tool designed for long smooth lazy strokes; achieving a perfect result in less time while working at a steadier pace.

The blade is slightly longer than standard and has a breasted 15tpi toothline, a traditional feature in both Japanese and western saw culture that accounts for the swing from the users shoulder, keeping more teeth in contact with the wood and producing a naturally straight bottomed cut. A breasted toothline is not an easy feature to mechanise and is usually associated with handmade saws, but somehow the engineers at Z-Saw have managed it.

Optimised for cutting half laps etc in 3x2s but perfectly capable of handling sheet goods and with a little care, hardwoods as well. An excellent tool whose simple appearance belies its remarkable performance.

To replace blades with the Z-Saw hook connection wrap the blade in a rag to protect your hand and with the teeth pointing upwards, tap the handle sharply on a hard surface and the hook will release. Slide the blade out and replace it with the new one, then repeat the process with the teeth pointing downwards to engage the hook.

  • Made in Japan
  • Fits Z-Saw handles #315073, #307123, #315009
  • Breasted crosscut: 15tpi
  • Blade thickness: 0.6mm
  • Blade toothline: 265mm
  • Z-Saw hook type connection