Z-Saw Replacement Blade for Kataba Progressive Rip Cut 300mm

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Z-Saw Kataba Progressive Rip Cut 300mm Replacement Blade with their hook fit system.

A smooth starting, yet surprisingly fast and accurate, dedicated Japanese rip saw from reputable Japanese saw manufacturer Z-Saws.

The teeth are progressive, from 11tpi at the heel to 7tpi at the toe, so the bite increases through the stroke, they have impulse hardened tips and unhardened roots for strength. The blade shape offers a respectful nod to traditional maebiki whale back rip saws of the past.

The traditional rattan wrapped kiri wood handle is handmade from natural materials, light and comfortable to use.

Perfect for resawing small boards and billets, tenon and bridle cheek cuts, ripping to width etc; the kind of component preparation work that would often be done on a bandsaw in a mechanised workshop.

The blade is attached with the Z-Saw hook fit system, to remove it wrap the blade in a rag and holding the saw upside down by the blade, tap the handle on a firm surface. To install the blade the process is the same but with the saw the right way up.

  • Fits any of our Z-Saw Hook Fit system handles #315073, #307123, #315009
  • Overall length: 585mm
  • Blade length: 250mm
  • Progressive Rip: 11 - 7 tpi
  • Blade thickness: 0.5mm
  • Made in Japan