Bad Axe D8 Handsaw 'Henry Disston' 24" Crosscut

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150 years after Henry Disston etched the immortal words "we defy the world to produce its equal" into the plates of the original D8's (first sold as the 'No.80 choice') his challenge has been answered by Mark Harrel and the team at Bad Axe Toolworks in Wisconsin.

Like its precursor, the Bad Axe D8 handsaw is an efficient tool for crosscutting boards to length and making partial crosscuts for housings, halving joints, saddle joints etc.

The handle shape is classic Disston, extremely comfortable, it is slightly slimmer than modern saw handles giving a greater sense of precision and much better feedback. When crosscutting the non dominant hand is typically used to steady the work, be it on sawhorses or working off the end of the bench with bench hooks, for thicker material a two handed grip can be used with the other hand resting on the hump at the top of the handle.

The hammer tensioned, tempered and taper ground 1095 spring steel saw plate is beautifully finished with a detailed etch. The teeth are hand filed to joint and hammer set, each one taking an equal share of the work and slicing the fibres cleanly with its outer tip. There are eight teeth per inch (9ppi) giving a fast, smooth cutting action and an accurately plumb cut on a wide range of material thicknesses.

  • Toothline: 24"
  • Filing: Cross Cut,
  • Pitch: 9ppi
  • Handle: Standard Hickory
  • Fasteners: Brass Slotted-Nuts,
  • Size: R