Bad Axe D8 Saw 'Henry Disston' 24" Rip Thumbgrip Handle


Ripping boards along their length is quite a physical activity, it is made very much easier by getting your bodyweight over the work on some nice low sawhorses, having a good secure grip on a sharp, smooth cutting saw that tracks a line accurately and finding the slowest laziest rhythm that you can sustain.

The soul of each Bad Axe D8 handsaw is it's hammer tensioned, tempered and taper ground 1095 spring steel saw plate. The teeth are hand filed to joint and hammer set, so each one works in harmony with its neighbours and takes an equal share of the work. There are five teeth per inch (6ppi) an aggressive configuration that takes a generous bite and has plenty of space in the gullets to clear the swarf.

The slender handle, crafted from ⅞" thick prime American hickory follows the classic curves of Disston's 1887 – 1896 pattern D8; arguably the most elegant handsaw ever made in the United States; it fits the hands like a soft leather glove. The second hole is for the thumb of the left hand, fingers wrap over the top, giving a secure two handed grip.

  • Toothline: 24"
  • Filing: Rip Cut
  • Pitch: 6ppi
  • Handle: Thumbhole Grip
  • Species: Hickory
  • Fasteners: Brass Slotted-Nuts
  • Size: R