Bad Axe Large Tenon Saw 16 12ppi

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With an impressive four inches of draught below the spine, and sixteen inches of stroke, the Bad Axe Tenon is a proper large capacity backsaw that will make short work of crosscutting your boards one minute and then sink itself spine deep to form large tenon cheeks the next.

The handle on this saw is based on an Wheeler, Madden & Clemson design that dates from just after the American civil war. Beautifully finished and wonderful to use, it just melts into the hand.

The 0.025" thick plate of hardened Swedish saw steel comes with 12ppi (11tpi) hybrid toothing as standard, which leaves a good finish and gets the job done quickly, quietly and accurately.

  • Handle: American Hickory
  • Spine: Black Oxided Steel
  • Fixings: Solid Brass
  • Pitch: 12ppi Hybrid
  • Handle Size: Regular
  • Plate: .025 Gauge

Our American friends measure saw pitches in ppi (points per inch) as a rough guide subtract one to get the tpi (teeth per inch) equivalent.