Bad Axe Stiletto Dovetail Saw 12" 15ppi Rip


The Bad Axe Stiletto dovetail saw was developed in a collaboration between Mark Harrell and some of the top woodworkers in North America, notably Tom Fidgen of the Unplugged Woodshop. Like all Bad Axe saws it is fast, accurate and well suited to a 'get her done' approach to sawing, but there is more to this dovetail saw than meets the eye.

Long slender dovetail saws like this were traditionally the tool of choice for production woodworkers making by hand on a per piece basis. With a longer toothline they could gang several components together and saw several lines of dovetails at once - saving time and therefore making more money.

The shallow plate depth and low hang angle gives the saw a light, very pointable feel that aids precision and cuts fatigue to a minimum.

For individual components, the recommended 'goldilocks' 15ppi toothline (not too coarse, not too fine) will cut smoothly on material as thin as ¼" and yet won't get bogged down on 1½" (two ¾" components or four components ⅜" thick ganged together).

Our stock Bad Axe stiletto comes with a hickory handle, gun blued back and brass medallion and screws.

  • Handle: American Hickory
  • Spine: Black Oxided Steel
  • Fixings: Solid Brass
  • Pitch: 15ppi Rip
  • Handle Size: Regular
  • Plate: .018 Gauge