Bahco Mill File Bastard Cut 250mm

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US pattern mill files are the most common of all file types. Gently tapered in both width and thickness, the single cut teeth excel at sharpening tools, finish filing, draw filing and cleaning up the edges of sheet metal.

Fitted with a Holtzapffel pattern Walnut handle.

For best results, hold the file at both ends and at a slight angle to the work. Advance the file forward and across, with even pressure to bring the maximum number of teeth into contact with the work. Avoid rocking and lift off on the return stroke to avoid dulling the cutting ridges.

To clean your files gently brush out any accumulated debris with a soft wire brush or file card, always going along the ridges rather than across them. To minimise the chances of the file clogging when working with soft metals, apply chalk liberally to the surfaces before you begin.

Bahco product code 1-143-10-1-0