BSI Maxi-Cure™ (1oz)

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Maxi-Cure™ extra thick contact adhesive bonds fibreglass, hardwood, glass, metal and rubber better than any other hobby adhesive. It is great for most plastics and reportedly the best choice for plastic model assembly.

Not only is it the choice for bonding radio controlled car tyres, Maxi-Cure™ has also proven to be very popular in the archery business for the fletching of vanes onto aluminium and carbon arrow shafts. Along with being the strongest, Maxi-Cure™ is usually the least expensive option for this application.

Can also be used for gluing to the inside of cloth textured surface of fibreglass, simply scrape the area to be bonded with a razor blade or coarse sandpaper before applying the Maxi-Cure™.



Unscrew top from nozzle using the extender tip for finer applications. Apply Maxi-Cure™ to one of the parts being joined, then hold tightly together for 10-20 seconds. For larger bonding areas, apply serpentine beads of the adhesive with enough spacing to allow it to spread.

  • Full adhesion is reached in three hours.
  • Refrigerate to extend shelf life
  • The cured adhesive is stable from -40 to 104°C
  • Wipe the nozzle clean before replacing screw-on top
  • Soak extender tip in acetone to clean if necessary