Clifton No 6 Fore Plane


18" long with a 2⅜" blade the Clifton No. 6 fore plane is a more manageable size than a full length jointer and perfectly capable of accurately jointing edges up to 6 feet long.

A beautiful plane to use and with a full 8lbs (3.7 kg) behind it, the Clifton No. 6 makes an excellent choice for shooting as well as jointing boards and flattening large panels.

Like all Clifton planes, the casting is ring tested and fully stress relieved before being pre-loaded and individually precision ground. British Standard tolerance for a bench plane is 3 thou (+0.0015"/-0.0015") so Clico work to a unilateral tolerance of -0.0015"/+0.000" in order to fall well within that range.

Every plane is tested for flatness with a 1.5 thou feeler gauge, against a granite bed and then against a 'grade A' (accurate to two ten thousandths of an inch per foot) straight edge in the centre of both the length and the width. If it passes, it goes on to be assembled, and then the finished plane goes through the whole process of flatness testing a second time before finally being signed off by the workshop manager as flat.

New stock will be fitted with walnut handles

Please note: Clifton no longer supply their planes with polished lever cap.