Genno Japanese Hammer Octagonal Head 375g


The classic Japanese octagonal hammer is a popular choice with western woodworkers, it is less stable than the waisted designs of the square and rounded types, which is an advantage if you are using it in any orientation other than perpendicular to the ground, carving for example.

The polished faces are selectively hardened by quenching the head under a stream of flowing water, this gives durable working surfaces but leaves the middle of the head softer, which deadens the blow slightly and helps eliminate vibration.

The polished hachimaki bands around the faces are not a laminated layer but a traditional decorative touch that tidies up the appearance after polishing the faces.

375g (13.2oz) is the recommended weight for driving standard size oire nomi Japanese bench chisels.

  • Weight: 375g
  • Head:
  • Overall Length:
  • Handle: Japanese White Oak