Mujingfang Octagonal Plane Adjusting Hammer 150g

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You don't necessarily need a specific hammer for adjusting planes, but it is one of many jobs in the workshop for which a light, very precise hammer is perfectly suited.

At 150g (just a hair over 5 ounces), this octagonal headed oriental hammer from Mujingfang is perfect for assembling delicate joinery and driving small pins and nails as well as making accurate 'tap and try' adjustments to planes and spokeshaves.

If you feel daunted by the idea of setting a plane with a hammer don't worry, it's much easier to do than it is to think about, if you get stuck you can always give us a call.

  • Overall length: 210mm
  • Head Polished Steel: 62mm x 20mm x 15mm
  • One face is flat, the other very slightly domed