Governor / Snells Super set of 16 Jennings pattern augers + extras AG093

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1/4" to 1" by sixteenths, a full set of 13 Jennings pattern bits, plus a monster 1-3/4" centre bit, all made by John Shaw and Sons of Wolverhampton in lovely wear resistant black country crucible steel and Branded 'Governor British'. In between we have 20,22,and 24 (1-1/4", 1-3/8" and 1-1/2") Jennings bits by Snell Mfg Co of Fiskdale MA - one of America's oldest auger manufacturers.

This magnificent set, 17 bits in total, all in superb condition with long lips and spurs, have many years of service left to give. The very large bits are approaching the limits of what is possible, they will require a brace with a very large sweep 12"+.

Supplied in an auger bit tool roll with double-ended auger bit file.

These auger bits are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.