Holtey A1 Jointer Plane

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The 22½" A1 Jointer is the largest standard jointer plane in the Holtey range, only a very small number of longer jointers were made as special commissions.

The double-dovetailed steel body is made in the Norris tradition with an immaculate and precisely fitted Honduran rosewood infill. The blade sits on two very precisely positioned and levelled brass pads let into the bed of the plane, like a minutely concave frog surface this arrangement ensures perfect and consistent stability.

This example is in perfect condition, it has never been honed or used. It has been very gently cleaned (no abrasives) and protected with VanGuard corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces and Alfie Shine on the wooden infill.

  • Length 22½
  • Blade Width 2½"
  • Width 3"

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