Holtey A7 Shoulder Plane

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The Holtey A7 is an improved version of the Norris A7 Yorkshire pattern shoulder plane. Used for perfecting internal corners, the shoulder plane is one of those tools that

There is a wonderful article on Karl Holtey's blog detailing some of the complexities involved in making this remarkable plane.

I've noticed a couple of slight imperfections in this example, at some stage the clamping screw on the bridge has been tightened with the wedge not fully engaged, missing the brass receiver and bruising the top of the wedge. There are a couple of other tiny marks at the rear of the wedge, and the iron has been honed – but only once by the look of it.

The plane has been very gently cleaned (no abrasives) and protected with VanGuard corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces and Alfie Shine on the wooden infill.

  • Length 8"
  • Width 1¼"

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