Holtey No. 10 Mitre Plane


Constructed from naval brass and stainless steel with rebated dovetails to provide additional support for the sides, the Holtey No.10 mitre plane is surface ground on all three registration surfaces for absolute precision. The infill is boxwood, which has started taking on a rich golden patina that will only continue to improve as the decades pass.

The lever cap is not captive, so you will need to hang on to it when removing the iron. The sneck on the top of the iron allows full adjustment of the iron in all directions, so there is never any need to strike the body of the plane with a hammer.

The mouth is exquisitely fine, something Karl himself questions the value of, but has nonetheless achieved to a jaw dropping standard.

This plane is in mint condition, it has never been honed or used. It has been very gently cleaned (no abrasives) and protected with VanGuard corrosion inhibiting oil on the metal surfaces and Alfie Shine on the wooden infill.

  • Length 4¾"
  • Blade Width 1¼"
  • Width 1¹⁹⁄₃₂"

This is a pre-owned item not covered by our Lifetime warranty.