Narex Rasps 200mm Set of 3

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An ideal starter set of rasps for those just getting into sculptural work, carvings or curved furniture. 

These rasps are machine cut, hence the affordable price compared with our hand stitched ranges, but nonetheless of very good quality and will hold an edge for a long time.

The principles and working methods for machine cut or hand stitched rasps are identical: Working from flat square surfaces on the blank with as much material as possible drilled or sawn away at 90 degrees, you use the rasps to create facets that 'octagonalise' the form in a controlled way. Parallel facets for cylinders, triangular facets for conical shapes, elliptical facets for spheres and so forth. Once the shape has been found within the blank, you then form smaller facets between your existing ones and thereby gradually creep up on the final form, using progressively lighter pressure as you near the end. Once you get a feel for thinking in three dimensions it will all suddenly click into place and there will be no stopping you.

  • Stained hornbeam handes
  • Carbon steel heat treated to 49Hrc
  • 16 t/cm2

Approximate Measurements:

Size  Overall Length  Handle length  Useable Blade Length Width
8725 12 Round D8 330mm (13") 133mm (5⅛") 178mm (7") 8 - 6mm (5/16-¼")
8725 02 Flat 335mm (13⅛") 130mm (5⅛") 175mm (6⅞") 5mm (3/16")
8725 22 Half Round  335mm (13⅛") 130mm (5⅛") 172mm (6¾") 5mm (3/16")