Shinwa 500mm Carpenters Square with 20mm Stopper


The perfect pairing of a Shinwa 500mm carpenters square and its compatible metal stopper at a discounted price - £57.50 if purchased individually.

This square has with deeply etched metric full mm graduations inside and outside on both faces. A hard chrome plated stainless steel, so no rusty fingermarks, it is hardened to Hv320+ for the perfect balance of stability and springiness.

Japanese carpenters squares are flat, they are used in the same way as a framing square, with one leg hung over an edge with its face acting as a stock.

  • 500mm long leg, 250mm short leg
  • 2mm x 20mm section
  • Square to better than 0.1mm/100mm
  • Conforms to JIS B7534
  • Made in Japan

This metal stopper greatly improves the versatility of Japanese carpenters squares offering greater durability, includes a vernier scale allowing the conversion, measurement and transfer of 'gnat's', 'skoaches' and 'hair's breadths' strong or shy of the measurement, probably overkill for pencil marks, but very nice to have for scalpel work, knife lines, veneering etc.

Used in the same way as a combination square head for registering edges at 90 or 45 degrees, but because it's on a square rather than a rule, you can lay out lines parallel to the reference edge as well as ones perpendicular to it and mark both 45s without having to flip the tool over. The square stopper also acts like the movable jaw of a caliper for gauging the thicknesses of plates or boards and diameters of cylinders.

  • Die cast
  • Captive screw
  • Copper wear plate applies gentle constant pressure on the edge of the square but will not damage it.
  • Dimensions: 83mm length x 42mm width x 12mm deep