Shinwa Post Level with Magnet

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A sturdy tool made from ABS resin for marking and installing fence posts and levelling rails in either wood or metal, round or square section. 

The body of the Shinwa fence post level incorporates a 90° end for square ends or four way weathers and a 45° end for birdsmouths, making it particularly useful for knee rail and vertical board fences.

The bubbles allow you to see plumb or horizontal in both axis, while integral magnets and an elasticated strap mean you can leave it positioned while you set the next one up, so you know the post is not slowly developing a lean. Nail or clamp a couple of battens in place beforehand to brace the post in position while it sets up, then once you've got everything spot on, you and your post level can move on to the next one.  Simple, yet clever, and once you've used one, indispensible.

  • Sensitivity:  0.5 mm/m = 0.0286°
  • Precision:    ±2.5 mm/m = less than ±0.1432°
  • Material: Body: ABS resin 
  • Dimensions: 128mm × 90mm × 90mm