Shinwa Telescopic Measuring Rod Two Directions AB 190cm

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A light and accurate telescopic measuring rod for taking measurements up to 1920mm.

The narrow edge is a direct reading scale, like a ruler. When that runs out turn to the red side, loosen the knob and slide out the next section, reading off your measurement at the line between the two sections. When that runs out turn to the yellow side and extend that section, again reading off where the sections telescope together.

Length when folded 700mm

Width×Thickness: 26×17mm, tip end 26 x 17mm

  • Expands three times in length
  • Can be read off at hand. Easy one-person use.
  • Plastic end will not scratch walls and ceilings
  • Bold, easy-to-read graduations
  • Center remains static as it expands in two directions. This makes it optimal particularly when extending the measure left and right for inner dimension measurement.
  • For interior finish work, installment of fittings, doors, stair work, plumbing work, masonry work, etc.
  • For inner dimension measurement of areas with closet storage space, floor cupboards, and crown molding

Measuring Range 69.7 cm-190.9 cm