Pax Gentlemans Saw 8" 20tpi


Originally intended for gentleman woodworkers making small elegant pieces as a hobby rather than a profession, the gentlemans or gents saw has a light duty brass backed blade with a straight hardwood handle, ideal for dovetailing, slender mouldings and other intricate projects.

The Pax Gents saw has a 0.5mm blade and 20 rip filed teeth per inch (although they are so small that they also make a nice job of crossgrain work) with 0.2mm of set on either side. The polished surface of the blade enables you to use the reflection of the workpiece to ensure that your cuts stay plumb and square. If the timber appears to carry right on through at the same angle and elevation then you are cutting at 90 degrees to it in both planes.

The first time you try a really good handmade saw you will notice how different it is from a mass produced disposable one. Aside from being a whole lot better looking, the handmade saw will start effortlessly on the first stroke, with only its own weight resting on the timber and a light forward pressure. It tracks beautifully through the cut, leaves a slender kerf and a clean finish.