Z-Saw Free Angle Japanese Saw Guide and S-265 Kataba Set


The free angle saw guide combines the dial-in accuracy of a good quality compound mitre saw with the quiet control of hand sawing.

Type: Medium-Fine
Overall Length: 445 mm (17-½”)
Blade Length: 265 mm (10-½”)
Blade Thickness: 0.60 mm (0.024”)
Kerf: 0.92 mm (0.037”)
Pitch: 14 TPI

The system takes all the guesswork out of sawing plumb and true. It will also control angles between plus or minus 45 degrees in either axis or both axes at once. You just measure, mark out with the included guide plate and then let the saw drift through the cut leaving a crisp, smooth, perfectly true surface.

Whether you are simply preparing your stock with dead square ends, or cutting complex compound mitres, the free angle saw guide guarantees a perfect result every time. Stools and chairs with splayed legs - no problem, picture frames - piece of cake, tea trays with bevelled sides - too easy!

The free angle saw guide is designed for use with the S-265 pistol grip kataba and vice versa. The saw is toothed primarily for crosscut, but with the addition of an inward pointing pair of teeth for every four standard ones, giving unparalleled smoothness for diagonal slanting cuts.

The system can be used to cut plumb and true, or any angle between plus or minus 45 degrees in either axis and any combination. The set includes a protractor to help with working out your angles and a straightedge for laying out before you cut.

You can even set the guide fence up to run along a batten or straight edged clamp for ripping down panels and sheet materials.

To the purist it may seem like cheating, and let's be honest - it is, but if it saves time and materials then why not?