Gyokucho Fugaku Set of 3 Folding Japanese Saws

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Set includes: Fugaku Kataba, Dozuki & Dozuki Super Hard. Regular price if purchased separately: £137.50

Japanese saw design and quality meet western preferences for a solid wooden handle and a weightier, yet well balanced, feel in this outstanding range of saws from Gyokucho in Japan.

At first glance two dozukis and a kataba make a rather unusual set, but when you consider western dovetail, carcase and panel saws, the roles are very similar.

The kataba will size panels with remarkable accuracy and efficiency, the dozuki super hard is a dedicated crosscut saw used for cutting components to length, halving joints, tenon shoulders etc, and the universal dozuki is a fine smooth cutting saw for dovetails and intricate joinery.

All three saws feature selected quartersawn beech handles, heavier spines for balance, and a smooth, positive folding mechanism with a locking lever to hold the blade in the extended position.

Regular price if purchased separately: £137.50

The word Fugaku is another name for Mount Fuji, a cultural and spiritual icon recognised throughout Japan and the world.


The Fugaku Kataba is a backless saw with a stiffer blade, more aggressive teeth and a short reinforced metal spine that lets you make deep straight cuts into composites, hardwoods, sheet materials and thicker timber.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 540mm
  • Blade thickness 0.6mm
  • Pitch 1.9mm /13.4tpi
  • Replacement blade = Part No S112

The Fugaku Dozuki is a precision pull saw for cross, rip and angle cuts. Used for fine delicate joinery in timber less than 12mm thick , making drawers for example, the universal tooth pattern produces an exceptionally smooth cut that is easy to control.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 540mm
  • Blade thickness 0.3mm
  • Pitch 1.5mm / 16.9tpi
  • Replacement blade = Part No S111

This Fugaku Dozuki Super Hard, used for cutting joinery in frames and cabinets, has crosscut teeth and a rounded tip of rip teeth designed for starting cuts in the middle of the panel. It is ideal for halving joints, mitres, laps and saddles, as well as cutting components accurately to length.

  • Blade length 240mm
  • Overall length 540mm
  • Blade thickness 0.3mm
  • Pitch 1.5mm / 16.9tpi
  • Set 0.1mm per side
  • Replacement blade = Part No S110